Blog dedicated to the talented ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White! Going for the gold in Sochi!
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taken shortly after they told charlie no when he asked if they could skip practice to watch shrek 2 in bulgarian


taken shortly after they told charlie no when he asked if they could skip practice to watch shrek 2 in bulgarian

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If you’re not Meryl Davis, you’re doing it wrong

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Thats the most chemistry I’ve ever seen between them…
Hehe but really, congrats to Meryl

then maybe it’s time to watch some of meryl and charlie’s programs.

look kiddos, charles has a lady that he loves very much. fact. so he’s not gonna go around ~*almost kissing*~ meryl on the ice or the dance floor. that would be weird for everyone.

but chemistry is more than just that.

chemistry is the way charlie laughs and smiles at meryl when she can’t stop talking about how much she loves puppies (and you can just tell that he’d give DJ to her if DJ wasn’t viewed as his first born). chemistry is the way meryl always (always) pats his knee when they’re waiting for their scores (and holds him up when his asthma gets bad and he just curls in around her). it’s the way they don’t even have to speak—they just know what the other is thinking.

it’s the way charlie says that despite the way this show tried to separate them, their love triumphs—always. he loves that girl. and charlie protects her—always. their passion and love for each other is palpable in every. single. gesture.

now, I love maks and meryl and much as the next person, but I will say this again.

diminishing charlie’s role in meryl’s life—and their obvious, serious connection with one another, diminishes meryl. she and charlie are partners—they’re a team. they chose each other, and have chosen to stay together for all these years, because they click.

they don’t hand out gold medals to people who can’t connect with each other on a deep, personal level.

it’s there.

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queen meryl’s scheherazade costumes || blue + lilac

Designed by the good folks at #dwts, btw.

hehehehehehe of course….. #nervouslaughter

They were. Forgot what article I read it in. I thought it was pretty cool. Still do.

oh, really? I feel stupid now, I thought it was a joke.

Ok. I feel dumb cause now this article says some chick in MI did it:

Is there ANY reliable news source these days??

it’s okay we can both feel somewhat dumb together.

A Michigan news channel did a thing on them being made in Michigan and they had pictures with Meryl and stuff so I’d assume it was made in michigan

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this is a casual reminder to you all that there is three months

and then

there is seventeen years

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Do you talk to each other on the ice?

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OK so 3rd on the right, called The Phantom. This lift blew people away; no one had done anything like that before and it was crazy difficult. Like, if Meryl shifted her weight forward an inch or if Charlie caught an edge, they would come tumbling down. But they never, ever did.
And let me bring your attention to the last lift on the left. There are so many changes of position in this lift, which then turns into a rotational after the gif cuts off. Obviously, the more positions the more difficulty, and this was just insane.

Before D/W and V/M, pure athleticism was not as prevalent in ice dancing. Look at Tanith and Ben: their lifts were never anything like this level of difficulty, and Tanith has said herself that she would not be able to compete at an elite level today because of the change that a few North American ice dancers singlehandedly brought to the sport.

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@MaksimC: @Meryl_Davis ‘s rumba tonight…speechless… We would like to dedicate it to @Childhelp & @KnockOutAbuse Thank you for all that you do 🙏

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